Join the Lab

Thank you for your interest in joining the UBC Child phonology lab! The lab has opportunities for students and researchers of all levels. Please check out the tabs below (undergraduate, graduate and postdocs/collaborators) for more detailed information about how to get in contact with us and get involved.

If you want to know more about the work, the lab does check out our current studies for child and adult language learners as well as our lab research and publications.


The lab accepts undergraduate applications when projects are available. We will update this page each term to reflect if any projects are looking for undergraduate help.

SUMMER 2021 UPDATE: The lab is currently not accepting any undergraduate applications. Please check back in late summer/early fall 2021.

If you are an a UBC undergrad and you would like to volunteer (and/or someday get paid to work!) in the lab, please send an email to BOTH [ubcchildphonologylab AT gmail DOT com] AND [am DOT Tessier AT ubc DOT ca], with the following info

  • your program, your year of study
  • the linguistics courses you’ve taken, and any other relevant courses
  • your research interests and any other relevant skills (e.g. programming, statistical knowledge, experience running experiments)
  • any languages you speak fluently besides English

Note that we typically hire RAs in Sept or January, and that you probably will need to volunteer with the lab for a semester before you are eligible to be paid (if we are currently running a project that pays anyone!)

If you are prospective grad student and you are interested in joining the lab as an MA or Ph.D. student, you are welcome to send an email to [am DOT tessier AT ubc DOT ca], describing your academic background and the kind of research that you might like to pursue in the lab. Note that graduate admissions are not the Lab Director’s decision! – Anne-Michelle is very happy to hear from prospective students and she will gladly let you know if your research and interests align with hers, but all formal grad applications are made through the UBC central system and the lab has  no control over their deadlines or standards. For more info see UBC’s graduate program application and the UBC linguistic department’s page for prospective graduate students.

If you are prospective postdoc, collaborator or the like – please email [am DOT Tessier AT ubc DOT ca] and let us know who you are and how we might work together!